Meet Jessica Kelly

by Jon Weindruch

Who is your family and what makes you, you?

I am a loyal wife to a US Veteran and a loving mother to two adorable children. I am fluent in English, Spanish and French thanks to my Swiss father and Latin mother. I love to cook and my worldly influences are always reflected in my meals. Our family loves to be outdoors, have meals together and enjoy the Florida weather.

What do you love most about Tampa Bay?

It seems like even if you have lived here your whole life there is always something epic to explore. Our family spent our first year here getting to know the city, and we fell in love!  From the beaches to the bike trails and the new hot spots around downtown, it seems like even in the suburbs there is no time to be bored in Tampa Bay with all the trendy malls and restaurants. Want to do something fun this weekend? Shoot me an email, I have plenty of ideas!

What is your favorite childhood memory?

I loved going to Miami Beach with my mom and cousins growing up. My cousins and I have an amazing relationship and that is what brought our family to Tampa Bay. In the summers I would spend time with my dad on his boat in Geneva or hiking in the mountains. I remember how clear the water was in both places even though they were on different sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

What are some of your favorite sports to watch?

We are a football family 100%. My husband played in high school and my cousin is a head coach for a local high school football team here in Tampa. When it is football season, we are either watching a high school game supporting the coach or played in by a cousin or watching our favorite team on TV.

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