Lisa McKitty

Mortgage Loan Originator (813) 601-2501

Lisa has over 25 years in the Mortgage Industry. She has worked in every aspect of the industry and knows what to expect every step of the way. It’s her passion, and it’s what she does best!

She specializes in finding solutions for first-time homebuyers and veterans. It’s the heartbeat of her business.

NMLS #451200

Meet Lisa

What do you love most about Tampa Bay?

The climate. The beaches. The people. The energy.

Who is your family and what makes you, you?

My family is my daughter, my mom, my dad, my brother and my son, the late Sgt Julian D Harris. They inspire me to be my true authentic self.

How many years experience do you have in the Mortgage Industry and what do love most about it?

I have passionately worked in the home financing arena my whole adult life. My children were born into this business. Every time I try to leave it and pursue another industry I am lead back to this business. It’s in my blood. It’s what I enjoy. Obtaining the American dream instills hope and belief in your country. It helps create a responsible citizen.

What is your favorite childhood memory?

My favorite childhood memory is my Mom putting my brother and I in our jammies and going to a drive-in movie or watching the airplanes take off and land at the airport in Jackson, MS. My other fond memory is family dinners at holiday and helping my Granny cook for everyone.

Do you have any pets?

I grew up with many pets. I had dogs, cats, hamsters, turtles and even rabbits. My favorite was my pet hamster, Peppie and my dog, Benji.

Is there a particular neighborhood you specialize in and are knowledgeable about?

I specialize in the Tampa Bay Area. A target market for me is helping the military community. They deserve the utmost respect and support.

What are your favorite sports to play and/or watch?

I like to watch football, especially the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. My daughter is a huge fan also. We try to make it out to a few games each season. GO BUCS!

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