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Non-Prime / Portfolio

Non-Prime is a great option for people who get paid in unconventional ways, whether your self-employed or a business owner. Foreign national buyers or people who have gone through bankruptcies, short sales and foreclosures can benefit greatly from this creative lending option.

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  • Eligibility regardless of salary
  • Lower down payment for Foreign Nationals
  • Ability to use towards a condo or family home


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Hector has owned his auto repair business for the last 4 years. Although his business is profitable, he keeps his salary at a minimum and pays most of his expenses through the business.

The Problem

Traditional banks and credit unions have told him he’s not eligible to get financing, although he has 20% to put down.

Our Approach

Using an average of Hector’s monthly bank statement deposits, we are able to prove cash flow and his ability to pay back a mortgage loan.


With this approach, Hector was able to purchase a property and close within 30 days.

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Hans is a successful businessman from Germany. Him and his wife like to visit the beaches of Clearwater and St. Pete. He has always dreamed of owning a home and retiring in the United States.

The Problem

Most banks require at least 50% down payment for foreign national financing and moving money or funds to the United States is often very expensive.

Our Approach

Many of the lenders that we work with only require 25-30% as a down payment with the same or better terms than most banks offer.


Hans and his wife were able to get a condo in Clearwater Beach with only paying 30% down and low monthly rates.

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