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If you plan on buying a large, luxury home, the Jumbo Loan option could be the right fit for you. Large loan amounts can be financed for 15, 30 or 40 year terms with interest-only options. Since Fannie May and Freddie Mac will only write conforming loans to $453,100, Jumbo financing provides an excellent alternative to a cash purchase.

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  • house with money Interest Only
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  • Loan amounts over $453,100
  • Ability to buy a large, luxury home
  • 40-year terms and interest only options are availble


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Michael is a financial advisor and is interested in purchasing his million dollar dream home. His main goal is to keep his money in the market and not use it for his down payment.

The Problem

Most lenders that Michael has spoken with require a down payment of at least 20%, and he is currently getting a 10% return on his investments in the stock market. He would rather keep the money in the stock market as opposed to putting it towards his down payment.

Our Approach

My Easy Mortgage provided Michael with 95% financing, with competitive terms so he can continue to have his money work for him.


Michael was able to get his dream home with only putting 5% down.

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