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Conventional financing is so much more than what your parents got when they took out a loan in the past. With options as low as 1% as a down payment, many new homebuyers are able to purchase their next house with as little as 1 month’s rent payment.

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  • Low down payment
  • Low monthly payment
  • Single family homes, townhomes, and condos may be eligible


For buyers with mid to high credit scores that may be purchasing their first home or take cash out from their existing property.


Conventional 02

Lisa had a bankruptcy just over 4 years ago, she’s now back on her feet and looking to become a homeowner again.

Our Approach

Many banks and credit unions have told Lisa that she does not qualify because she had a bankruptcy.


Since Lisa is past the 4-year waiting period for conventional loans, we were able to help her achieve her dreams of homeownership once again – this time with a low down payment.

Conventional 01

Tim and Casandra have been paying rent for the last 2 years and would love to get a dog, but their landlord will not allow it. They decided to look for a single-family home that would help improve their lifestyle.

The Problem

Although they have good credit, they have had issues saving up enough of a down payment to make their purchase.

Our Approach

Using Fanny May and Freddie Mac’s low down payment programs, they were able to put down only 3% of the purchase price for their down payment.


Their dog now has the best yard to play in and they now have a kid on the way.

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All loans funded through wholesales relationships. My Easy Mortgage, LLC is a mortgage broker. Interest rates and other program specifics could change at any time and are subject to your ability to qualify for this program. There are no guarantees that will qualify for this program.